Phoenix 250watt 14000K SE Bulb Threaded Bulkhead Suction Screen 1-1/2" Black Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow And Color - Medium - 250ml
Phoenix 250watt 14000K SE Bulb

Our Price: $66.70

This 250W Single Ended Mogul 14000K bulb casts a crisp-white light with a blue tint. Great for bringing out the coloration of fish and corals while providing sufficient intensity for growth. An HQI, Pulse-Start or Electronic ballast is required.

-14,000K Color Temperature
-Made in Japan
-Excellent with or without actinic supplementation
-Operate on a HQI metal halide ballast, pulse-start ballast or electronic ballast
Bulkhead suction screens prevent livestock and other tank inhabitants from getting sucked into the pumps and plumbing.
These fittings are threaded into standard bulkheads with threaded ends.
By far the most popular large polyp stony coral (LPS) food we sell here at Advanced Reef Aquarium is the Fauna Marin brand pellets. Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow And Color is a German-made food that aquarists all over the world have used to great effect for years. Fauna Marin LPS is made from natural plankton and combined with their proprietary blend of proteins and trace elements.

Radium 400watt SE 20000K Bulb GFO High Capacity - Granular Ferric Oxide - 32oz (1.75 lbs.) ATI 48" Aqualblue Special T5 Bulb - 54W
The German-made Radium 20,000K bulb is a legend in the reefkeeping hobby.  You will not have to look very hard to find a legion of reef aquarists that swear by this bulb.  For decades this bulb illuminated some of the most incredible show tanks in the world.  This metal halide bulb is the perfect blend of intensity and aesthetics with a long track record of promoting coral growth and color. Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) is a chemical filter media that inhibits algae growth in reef aquariums by removing phosphate from the water column.  There are two types of GFO that Advanced Reef Aquarium carries, a standard absorption variety and a special high capacity variety that roughly has twice the absorption power. Aquablue Special
The Aquablue Special is the closest ATI comes to a full spectrum T5 bulb. Unlike most full spectrum T5’s, the Aquablue Special’s spectrum is blue heavy with highlights at the 550nm green peak as well as a 640nm red peak.