ATI 48" Coral Plus T5 Bulb - 54W ATI 48" True Actinic T5 Bulb -54W Radium 250watt SE 20000K Bulb
Coral Plus
The Coral Plus is the most recently developed bulb by ATI. It is a blend of Blue Plus (50%), Aquablue Special (40%), and Purple Plus (10%). Some fluorescent fixtures do not have the luxury of 6-8 bulb slots for maximum flexibility in mixing and matching. The Coral Plus is a great stand-alone bulb in this regard because it mixes the most popular ATI bulbs in an attractive combination.
True Actinic
The ATI True Actinic has a very unique spectral profile compared to the other offerings by ATI. The True Actinic possesses an enormous curve that peaks at around 430nm. The human eye does not see this spectrum of light very well, so this bulb looks visibly dim compared to the others.
The German-made Radium 20,000K bulb is a legend in the reefkeeping hobby.  You will not have to look very hard to find a legion of reef aquarists that swear by this bulb.  For decades this bulb illuminated some of the most incredible show tanks in the world.  This metal halide bulb is the perfect blend of intensity and aesthetics with a long track record of promoting coral growth and color.
CEPEX 1_50 INCH INDUSTRIAL TRUE UNION BALL VALVE ATI 48" Blue Plus T5 Bulb -54W CPR Aquatics Flow Eductor 3/4" MPT
ATI 48" Blue Plus T5 Bulb - 54W

Our Price: $21.95

Cepex True Union Ball Valves feature the Antiblock system which prevents ball jamming. Valves are 100% hydro tested prior to leaving the factory, and their reliability is further guaranteed by the world's premier certification institutes.
These heavy duty valves will give your reef tank a professional look and last much longer than the big box store alternative.
Blue Plus
The ATI Blue Plus is arguably the most popular bulb made by ATI and possibly anybody else for that matter. As the 20k Radium is legendary among metal halide bulbs, the ATI Blue Plus is exalted in much the same way among T5 fluorescents bulbs. It is a very aesthetically pleasing bulb that does a great job showing off the fluorescence in coral.
A CPR Aquatics Flow Eductor increases flow and circulation in the reef aquarium.  This unit has a 3/4" male pipe thread adapter.

An eductor can increase flow by up to 4x the original flow coming from the pump.  They are able to accomplish this by sending a jet of water through a specially designed funnel.  As the water passes through the funnel, it suctions additional water through it thus multiplying the overall amount of water being moved.