Coral Rx Pro 1oz Coral Frenzy 0.5mm LPS Pellet Food ATI 48" True Actinic T5 Bulb -54W
Coral Rx Pro 1oz

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Coral Rx is a great preventative protocol for dipping newly acquired corals, treating infected colonies, and quarantining coral.  An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of coral in this hobby.  Many of the headaches caused by malevolent pests can be managed up front by dipping your corals.  The first time we used it, we immediately saw inverts jumping off of the corals and quickly perishing. CORAL FRENZY is the perfect alternative for those who do not have the time, discipline, or desire to feed live or frozen foods.
Every Ingredient is listed on the label, so there is no question of what you are feeding. There are no secret ingredients or fillers; what you see is what you get.
CORAL FRENZY is the only dry coral food on the market that has the manufactured date on the label. With a long shelf life, you are assured that it will not spoil like live or frozen foods.
True Actinic
The ATI True Actinic has a very unique spectral profile compared to the other offerings by ATI. The True Actinic possesses an enormous curve that peaks at around 430nm. The human eye does not see this spectrum of light very well, so this bulb looks visibly dim compared to the others.
Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow And Color - Medium - 250ml ATI 48" Purple Plus T5 Bulb - 54W 1-1/2" SPEARS GATE VALVE - EPDM - THREADED
By far the most popular large polyp stony coral (LPS) food we sell here at Advanced Reef Aquarium is the Fauna Marin brand pellets. Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow And Color is a German-made food that aquarists all over the world have used to great effect for years. Fauna Marin LPS is made from natural plankton and combined with their proprietary blend of proteins and trace elements.

Purple Plus
As the name might indicate, the ATI Purple Plus gives off a very purple light. This color is achieved by blending the red and blue wavelengths. There is very little actual violet light in this bulb as its spectral output drops off sharply as it approaches 400nm. If you like the purple aesthetic this bulb gives you that more than any other that ATI makes.
This solid, proven design is well suited for a variety of chemical, industrial, aquaculture, and irrigation applications. SpearsĀ® Gate Valves are feature-packed and built to last the life of your reef tank.