ATI 48" Purple Plus T5 Bulb - 54W ATI 48" Aqualblue Special T5 Bulb - 54W Phoenix 250 Watt MH HQI 14000K DE Bulb
Purple Plus
As the name might indicate, the ATI Purple Plus gives off a very purple light. This color is achieved by blending the red and blue wavelengths. There is very little actual violet light in this bulb as its spectral output drops off sharply as it approaches 400nm. If you like the purple aesthetic this bulb gives you that more than any other that ATI makes.
Aquablue Special
The Aquablue Special is the closest ATI comes to a full spectrum T5 bulb. Unlike most full spectrum T5’s, the Aquablue Special’s spectrum is blue heavy with highlights at the 550nm green peak as well as a 640nm red peak.
The Phoenix 250 Watt Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb emits a crisp white light with a blueish tint that brings out the color of you fish and coral in your reef or saltwater aquarium.

ATI 48" Power Module 3x75W LED And 4x54W T5 Phoenix 250watt 14000K SE Bulb ATI 48" True Actinic T5 Bulb -54W
Phoenix 250watt 14000K SE Bulb

Our Price: $66.70

The ATI Power module is a hybrid lighting system that combines high-end T5 lighting with LED's for the greatest flexibility in color, intensity, and spectrum.  This is a no-compromise fixture for reef aquarists looking to build the ultimate system.  The build quality of this fixture truly is a cut above.  It is heavy and substantial.  In addition to the material quality, the design is well thought out and intuitive.  For example, there is only one cord exiting from the unit to the controller, which is remarkable for a fixture with the number of independently controllable lights as the ATI Power module has. This 250W Single Ended Mogul 14000K bulb casts a crisp-white light with a blue tint. Great for bringing out the coloration of fish and corals while providing sufficient intensity for growth. An HQI, Pulse-Start or Electronic ballast is required.

-14,000K Color Temperature
-Made in Japan
-Excellent with or without actinic supplementation
-Operate on a HQI metal halide ballast, pulse-start ballast or electronic ballast
True Actinic
The ATI True Actinic has a very unique spectral profile compared to the other offerings by ATI. The True Actinic possesses an enormous curve that peaks at around 430nm. The human eye does not see this spectrum of light very well, so this bulb looks visibly dim compared to the others.